The Process

The Resurfacing Process

We use quality Napco product that has been scientifically developed and tested specifically for application to bathroom and kitchen surfaces within the home. Surfaces applied to kitchen doors etc in factories are typically high in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Our products are low in the VOC’s and are the only kitchen resurfacing products to meet the new USA EPA Clean Air Regulations. The cure time is only a few hours, and once cured, VOC’s are not released.


We follow the process outlined below to ensure the product will last for many years.


1. Clean

All silicone, minerals and any other foreign material is removed using commercial cleaning agents.

2. Sand or Etch

The surface is prepared for fusion by sanding, or applying acid.

3. Repair

Cracks, holes and imperfections are filled with a high performance water resistant filler.

4. Mask

Masking is applied to protect the home and items within it. It is not necessary to remove all the contents of cupboards.

5. Resurface

The appropriate primer, coating and top coats are applied to give the surface a beautiful finish.

6. Finish

Masking is removed, and sealant is applied as required in wet areas. Accessories are reinstalled. The space is left clean and ready to use.